Saunas and Sustainability

For over 40 years, Almost Heaven Saunas has been manufacturing saunas that last. Sustainability is important to us, and we strive to do our part to care for the environment in the quality of the materials that we use and in our customer care. 

Almost Heaven and Harvia products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Sustainable choices are not only good for the environment, they are also good for our customers. 



What we do:

  • Our saunas are built with Fir, Cedar, and Hemlock lumber, sustainably sourced from North America. The lumber you choose for your sauna is important. It determines the durability, style, atmosphere, and longevity of your sauna. The lumber we offer holds in heat, is resistant to, and ebbs and flows with the elements, and with proper care and maintenance will last a lifetime.


  • We offer both electric heaters and wood-burning stoves. It’s key to find a heater that is not too big or too small for your sauna, so as to not use up energy or resources unnecessarily. Our customer service team is always happy to help if you have questions on which heater is right for you. 


  • Many of our accessories are made with red cedar lumber which compliments our saunas, durable, and made to last.


  • All cardboard used in packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.


  • The sawdust created in the manufacturing of our saunas is recycled by local farmers for animal bedding. 


What you can do: 

  • Proper maintenance: sweep or vacuum sauna regularly, change sauna stones every two years, wipe down any perspiration spots with a solution of water and baking soda, check outdoor sauna exterior for any loose parts or wear, sand down benches and any stains with fine-grain sandpaper.


  • Correct use of sauna heaters, wood-burning and electric.


  • Sauna! The health benefits of regular sauna use are long term and preventative. A regular sauna routine will boost your everyday and long-term health, maintaining and sustaining your body and mind for a better, healthier future.