Here is a quick breakdown of the more common and the unique features of our infrared models: 


  • Rounded exterior molding
  • Ergonomic bench design for optimal support 
  • Fashionable heater guards
  • Triple-layer carbon fiber heating panels
  • A wooden/brushed aluminum door handle
  • Electronic interior and exterior controls that allow you to dim the LED lights or change their color for a bit of color therapy. 
  • Bluetooth speakers and USB plug-in
  • FAR infrared heat
  • In-floor & bench heating elements
  • Available in one, two, and three-person units


  • Hemlock lumber, intricately designed with detailed horizontal accents 
  • Lighting on the exterior above the door to welcome you
  • Windows on both sides to let in natural light
  • Tinted glass door and windows
  • Polished stainless steel door handle
  • Digital temperature and timer controls located on the inside and outside of the sauna 
  • Color-therapy lighting
  • Extra-wide heating panels surround the interior, including the floor, and lower bench
  • In-floor & bench heating elements
  • Available in one, two, and three-person units

Solar Pro

  • Gorgeous Hemlock construction on the exterior and interior walls
  • Triple-layer carbon fiber heating panels 
  • Interior digital temperature and timer control 
  • LED Chromotherapy
  • Low EMF 
  • FAR infrared heat
  • Floor and lower bench heaters 
  • Bluetooth audio and USB plug-in
  • Colored lighting and audio speakers
  • Available in one, two, and three-person units


  • Stylish European design
  • Ergonomic overlapping hemlock back support
  • WiFi+Bluetooth+FM+MP3
  • Modern exterior, hemlock interior
  • Extra-large carbon crystal heater panels
  • FAR infrared heat which is low on the EMF scale
  • Full-Spectrum Infrared heat
  • Dimming and color-changing lights 
  • Bluetooth ceiling speakers
  • Internal digital control panel


  • Hybrid- traditional and infrared sauna
  • Contoured backrests
  • Clear red cedar and walnut exterior stain 
  • Extra tall ceilings
  • 2 transducer audio speakers
  • Two person sauna 
  • LED chromotherapy interior lighting
  • Interior hemlock door handle
  • Digital Infrared control panels
  • Easy assembly by two people 


  • Hybrid-traditional and infrared sauna 
  • Clear natural red cedar interior
  • Four-person sauna 
  • Two bench levels 
  • Contoured backrests
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Two transducer audio speakers
  • Exterior stainless steel door handle
  • 6kW stainless steel heater
  • LED multi-color interior lighting
  • Easy assembly by two people