Add an Outdoor Rinse to your Routine!



A Rinse outdoor shower has many practical applications.  As long as you can bring a garden hose to the shower, it can be installed nearly anywhere.  It is the perfect addition to your cottage, allowing the kids to rinse off the sand after a day at the beach.  Use it poolside to rinse off the chlorine after swimming.  It is the perfect "cool down" after an invigorating sauna session.  Use the Rinse shower any place where an outdoor rinse would be convenient.

Where can I place the shower?

The shower can be placed on any firm and level surface.  This could include concrete, pavers, wood deck, ceramic tile, etc.  It is not recommended to place the shower on the bare ground.


Do I need to anchor the shower in place?

It depends on the setting.  If there are strong winds then you may want to anchor with the included brackets.  You could also consider the optional floor section which allows you to anchor the floor to the surface and the shower to the floor section.


How do I hook bring water to the shower?

A standard garden hose will be connected to one of the fittings on the back of the shower.  Simply turn on the faucet and your shower is ready to use.


What is involved in bringing hot water to the shower?

Your plumber will install hot and cold water lines from the source and plumb them to the rear of the shower using standard faucet hookups.


I live in a northern climate.  What about freezing?

If the water in the shower fittings freezes it will damage the shower.  If there is fear of freezing it is best to drain the shower after using by removing the garden hose and turning the shower faucet open to let all water drain out.


Can I easily move the shower?

Yes, one person can easily move the shower.


What is the warranty for Outdoor Showers?

One year on all parts that fail.  Simply report the broken part to us and we will send a replacement.  Natural weathering of wood is not covered.


Will the wood withstand the elements?

Yes.  The wood will turn gray over time due to the effects of UV, but this in no way damages the wood or performance of the shower.  It is suggested to paint or stain the pine version as it does not have natural weather resistance.


Can I stain the shower?

Certainly.  If you wish to have the shower retain its color or if you want to match the shower to some other wood around your home, simply use a UV inhibited stain of your choice.


How is the shower shipped to me?

The shower will ship to you via UPS in a single box.


Do I need the optional floor section?

You do not need it, but if you would like to have a wood floor then it is a nice feature. 


Will the salt air affect my shower?

No, the metal is all stainless steel and is designed to withstand all climates.


I live in a windy area.  How can I best secure the shower?

Either with the angle braces that come with your shower or with the optional floor section.