The In's and Out's of Sauna Upgrades

We have quite a few sauna options to choose from with various heater types as well. For best performance and in a commercial setting especially, bigger is better! A few things to consider would be how you will allow your guests to use the heater and the ease of use for your guests as well. See below for some key features.

Operation time - 

All traditional heaters currently in the US will only output heat for 1 hour at a time. However, there is no harm in restarting the 1 hour consecutively.

Ease of operation - 

We have two types of heaters; dial and digitally controlled. Dial controls do not offer an exact timeline or full visibility like a digitally controlled heater does. With the digital control located outside of the sauna room, the goal temperature is set, then the heater reaches and maintains that temperature very accurately. The dial control on the other hand can be set between minimum and maximum and there is no display with a temperature reading. 

Heat Level - 

All traditional heaters will reach a minimum of 170F. A higher kilowatt size will offer a quicker heat up time and various models may reach higher temperatures than others.

Heater models to choose from - 

We have 5 main heater models in the US including the KIPKIP Digital, The Wall, Virta, and Virta Combi. Between these models, the Virta and Virta Combi will be the highest performers offering the highest temperature range, stone capacity, and heat up time while offering digital controls as standard. 
Sauna size for your selected heater model.  
  • KIP Dials(good) or KIP Digital(better)- Will fit all sauna models 1-8 person size and come in 4.5kW-8kW sizes
  • The Wall Dials(better) - Will fit all sauna models 1-8 person size and come in 6kW and 8kW
  • Virta Digital(best)- Can be paired with all 4+ person models and comes in 6-10.5kW sizes
  • Virta Combi(best)- The "Combi" Virta is a steam generating feature that offers a traditional sauna as well as a steam room and can be paired with all 4+ person models and comes in 8-10.5kW sizes. 


What are the electrical requirements? 

See our downloads & manuals page Here for all heater models including electrical specifications based on model and kilowatt size. All traditional heaters will require a hardwired connection to 240V and between 30-60amp breaker sizes. 

Water use for a wet/dry sauna - 

All traditional heaters come with stones when purchased with your sauna kit and can be used to create steam within the sauna. In a commercial setting, it is imperative that your guests are educated on proper application for an electric heater.  Water should be added when the stones have reached a minimum of 160F and in quantity of no more than 1 ladle or 1/4 cup at a time. Visit our heater health blog Here with more information on heater health