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Heater Troubles? Here's what to do

We are here to help! 

To start troubleshooting, we will first request a few photos of the heater. Please send one email with the photos attached, order number, and full name.
Email: sales@almostheaven.com

Photos needed to diagnose: 

1. The back wall of your sauna including the heater to determine the height of the heater itself and the temperature sensor placement. 


2. After removing the top cover of the sauna heater and the top layer of stones, take a photo of the exposed heating elements.


3. After removing the bottom plate of your heater, we will need to see the wiring. Please show all cables visible below your heater. 


4. A photo of your sauna breaker to ensure a GFCI breaker is not in use. 

In addition to the photo of the labeled breaker, please confirm the wire size used by your licensed electrician along with the run or distance your sauna is from the breaker box. 


5. Also, please type out and include the Heater Serial number. It is placed on the bottom of the heater


After these photos are received, we can move on to further troubleshooting.