Could sauna be the missing piece to your skincare routine? Here are the top 5 skincare benefits of sauna bathing.

Woman enjoying sauna interior

Saunas Boost Circulation

Saunas have a similar effect as a short workout. Your heart beats faster, your body temperature rises, and your face gets a little flushed. All of this leads to an increase in circulation. This boost in blood flow helps carry oxygen and other important nutrients throughout your body. It is beneficial to the entire body, but especially beneficial to your skin. These nutrients are what keep your skin looking vibrant and alive.

Woman relaxing inside of the sauna

Saunas Rejuvenate Your Skin

Studies show that collagen production is increased in the heat of the sauna. Collagen is the protein that provides structure to much of the body, giving our skin strength and elasticity. Dead skin cells are also removed and bacteria is released as pores open up in the heat. After a sauna session, you are left with skin that is fresh and rejuvenated.

Steam rocks for Harvia sauna heater. 

Saunas Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Heat, steam, and sweat can be the perfect combination for moisturized skin. Sitting in a humid environment softens the layers of dry skin, allowing for softer skin to surface. Results can vary depending on the type of sauna, dry, steam, or infrared. It’s always important to drink water before, during, and after a sauna session to keep your body and skin hydrated. A cold shower in between sessions and your favorite moisturizer on hand can also be very beneficial.  

Woman embracing he steam benefits of a sauna

Saunas Offer The Ultimate Detox

Saunas make you sweat. Sweat releases extra water weight, helps your pores to open allowing bacteria to be removed, and regulates your body's internal temperature. Like a mini workout, endorphins are released and the heat detoxes pain, stress, and anxiety, helping to boost your mood! Sweat also gives your skin a natural youthful glow. In the sauna, you can let go of the day and breathe deeply.


Barrel sauna interior featuring Harvia heater.

Saunas Make You Look Younger

We all know that the effects of stress can be damaging to our bodies, especially our skin. Think breakouts, dark under-eye circles, worry wrinkles. A home sauna offers a space for pure uninterrupted relaxation.  Just as stress can disease our bodies, relaxation can be the remedy, offering better sleep and younger, healthier skin.

As with all health benefits of sauna, results may vary from person to person. The best way to find the perfect sauna and skincare routine is to begin and see what works best for you and your family.

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