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Why Upgrade your Heater?

Questions about upgrading your heater? You came to the right place.

The standard KIP heaters that come in our indoor units have a max temperature of 195F and will take around 45-60 minutes to reach that temperature. If you are looking to reach 200F or higher and in less time than standard, we recommend an upgrade. 

Reasons to upgrade your standard heater:

1. Heats up faster than standard KIP
  • The standard KIP heater takes about an hour to reach maximum temperature. 
  • Save approximately 15 minutes of time (adds up if you use multiple times a week)
2. You live in a cold climate
  • When you live in a cold climate, the performance of the heater will be affected
  • A heater upgrade can help make sure that the sauna will reach maximum temperature 
3. You live in a place with high elevation
  • We recommend those who live in a place with high elevation, upgrade their heater. The high elevation affects the performance of the standard heater. 

Some saunas do not have a KIP heater upgrade. We recommend: 

Upgrading to the Virta Heater or a Cilindro Heater. They range in size from the 6kW to the 10.5kW. With each option, you may save up to 10 minutes per session, per upgrade. 
Not only do the Virtas and Cilindros get hotter and in less time, but they are capable of having Xenio digital control unlike the standard KIP heater. This means you can turn on your sauna from the push of a button and a 12 hour pre-set feature instead of the standard 8KW. We will also have a WiFi controllable Xenio upgrade very soon that will allow you to turn on your heater from your phone! That WiFi option will only be available to heaters with existing digital controls and keep visiting our website for more updates on this! Please note, the Cilindro with dials does not have Xenio digital controls, it will not be capable of having the wifi upgrade. 
    The Virta Combi is another fantastic option if you are interested in creating a steam room as well as a traditional sauna. The Combi heaters come with a steam generator that you may hook up to a water line or simply refill the internal water reservoir IN ADDITION to your traditional wet/dry heater with sauna stones. 

    Interested in a heater upgrade? Check out what is available on the product page of the sauna of your choice! Or give us a call to ask some questions.